The brand new 2022 virtual exhibition series.

There are a lot of papers lying on the desk, full of ideas waiting to come to life and materialize. The time spent studying, looking for that information that interests you, along with the beauty of the light emanating from the flame of the scented candle and its pleasant smell that filled the whole room.

And finally, you get to that point in the evening, which so often ends only when the beautiful lights of daybreak appear. That time and that amount of time spent studying make you a better person and maybe to become smarter. This is how these ideas were born, and we will share the most interesting ones with you. After another year, we realize that we have become better in many ways.

Every year we are better at something, and we do certain things better than ever before. Reading and starting from the text of the paper draft taken from the office, (stained with coffee) we will launch in 2022 a brand new project that will cover every month of the year. We are launching a series of 12 virtual exhibitions.

It is virtual because it will be visible, accessible, and readable in the gallery of our online site.

A project called: the 2022 Exhibition, will cover a separate theme each month. The number of photos will be different for each project divided, but it will certainly be the main attraction of our exhibition. The curator of the exhibition is Attila Jasko. All the photos will be followed by the rhetorical explanation that the curator can best present, - because He is their creator.

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